APE for Android Released!

Finally, the wait is over and today we’re happy to announce the first release APE, the most awaited photo editing application for Android (iOS version coming soon).

APE offers the following features,

  • Over 30 filters.
  • Adjustments for filters and effects, whenever and wherever applicable.
  • HD image saving up to the maximum size available for your devices. And in devices such as the Galaxy Nexus you get 5MP images (Same as your camera app) when you are done editing.
  • A very minimal, slick, uniform and attractive UI.
  • No interruptions (Unless you forget to apply the last effect before you quit.) when you use the app. No dialogs and overlaid progress bars.
  • Gestures that align with your natural workflow, tap for preview, swipe right to dismiss the filter palette, swipe bottom to dismiss filter adjustments, swipe diagonally to dismiss both the filter palette and the adjustments.

This is our first product and naturally the entire team felt the pressure since day one. We’ve built 5 prototypes in the first 2 weeks and the development cycle for today’s release took roughly 8 weeks. We decided to do C++ for the filters since it would be easy to use the same codebase across multiple platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc., The core team consisted of Ragunath Jawahar, our CTO and two awesome developers – Balachander and Moses. Kuberan and Rajesh dealt with ActionBarSherlock for backward compatibility. Bharath, our designer took responsibility for all the bells and whistles on the App, Website and the Facebook fan page. Ramanan, Dinesh and Prabhakar Ji (That’s how we call him) offered us constructive criticism, ideas and often played with the app to find bugs, their efforts however minimal improved the app in a significant way. Everyone here is excited and we hope you will be too. We have big plans for APE and will be rolling out updates to bring a smile on your faces always. The app is now available on the Google Play Store - download the app, recommend it to your friends and don’t feel shy to give us a ✭✭✭✭✭ rating.

APE will simply be your favorite photo editor as it is for us!

The APE Team